Ford Ten 7W and Ford Eight 7Y vehicles and spare parts

The Ford model 7W or Ten was the first Small Ford to be entirely styled at Dagenham, England, and was launched in April 1937. The 7Y or New Eight swiftly followed, being launched for sale in August 1937. The strong design style and characteristics set the basis for production of small Ford's in the UK to 1959.

The 7W production amounted to 41665 units with 2 or 4 door saloon bodies, tourers or chassis, to cease manufacture in September 1938. The 7Y 2 door saloon (standard and de luxe) and knock down totalled 65098 units to cease in October 1939, whilst the 5cwt van commercial continued to be produced until 1941, totalling 13200 units.

The chassis was a modified version of that fitted to the model Y, the engines remained the same bore and stroke of 933cc (eight) or 1172cc (Ten) but of a modified design, replacing the fibre gear camshaft drive with a chain driven arrangement. The body shape and style is reflected in part of the later models, particularly the front on Anglia models and the rear on Prefect models.

The 7W has the characteristic 3 vertically slotted grill so sought after in the US market. The 7Y has a grille with a single opening with vertical slats and large headlamps with bulbous curved glass lenses. During the model's short production run many small changes were made, the 7W retained all the De Luxe features and the 7Y being the cheaper option. The style of these vehicles coined the descriptive phrase of 'Ford Upright' and later 'Ford Pop'.

Despite the short production run of manufacture of these vehicles, many of the mechanical parts are used on later models. We are able to supply most of the spares and parts to enable the continued use and enjoyment of these fine vehicles.

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Ford Model Eight and Ten
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